Terms & Conditions

In these Terms & Conditions, “we” means Citi Clean and “you” means you – our very important customer


  • We don’t accept cheque payments
  • We carry a £15 minimum credit card payment for online bookings
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current VAT rate
  • All prices are subject to change from time to time
  • Payment needs to be made to us in full before we can release items back to you
  • We reserve the right to suspend servicing you if old orders remain unpaid
  • Refunds are only authorised on reasonable grounds. Credit card payments can take up to seven days to be processed by the sender bank


We cannot be liable for:

  1. Any item which suffers colour loss / shrinkage / damage, during the cleaning process, whereby the manufacturer’s care label instructions have been adhered to, and or were we have tested the textile prior to cleaning (due to no care label), and it consequently fails during cleaning method employed by us
  2. Any feather / down filled item e.g., ski wear, duvets, mattress toppers, puffa/Down jackets and coats
  3. Any accessory attached to or contained within any item. An “accessory” means (but is not limited to) belts, buckles, buttons, broaches, beading, pai
  4. Any item which is damaged by any accessory on that item e.g. zips, belts, buttons, beading, broaches, leather strips and patches. This is not an exhaustive list
  5. In the event that any garment / item is lost / damaged by us and is part of a set e.g. two-piece suit / furnishings / curtains / upholstery / laundry, We will only compensate for that lost / damaged item that is documented on the customers ticket. We will not compensate for the retrospective value of set loss / damage.
  6. Any item that does not show cleaning instructions, and has not shown colour fastness dye that runs on other garments, or a dark colour onto a lighter colour in the same garment.
  7. Any item that has deliberate crinkles or creased effects on the fabric which are removed during our cleaning process, including all types of pleating as well as sun ray pleating
  8. Any item with faulty adhesives or interfacing which leave a mark after cleaning
  9. Any item which, due to wear and tear or due to its integral nature, is unable to withstand an industrial laundered or dry-cleaned process E.g. shirt cuffs and collars, abrasions on garments from friction marks from belts, to garment stress areas, such as crotches, seats and trouser hems
  10. Curtains, blinds (venetian, roman) – For the avoidance of doubt we are not responsible for the following :
    • Glued-on trims – many adhesives will not withstand the solvents used in cleaning, especially if affected by exposure to light or if more than one year old
    • Tassels – these may have been weakened by the effects of light and mechanical action
    • Tie-backs – many of these are not designed to be dry-cleaned. Some are stiffened with plastic liners and often glued during make-up for ease of manufacture
    • Weights in the bottoms of curtains – these can be small, round, lead weights or chains that can do untold damage during cleaning as they are smashed against the cage sides during the tumbling action. Customer must remove if possible
    • Swags and tails – these are often cut on the cross (bias) to aid the drape. They can be pulled out of shape during cleaning.
    • Silver and gold painted designs – most pigments only adhere lightly to the surface of the fabric and can be lost during cleaning. Some may survive the first or second clean, but loss can be progressive over each clean, depending on the amount of mechanical action they are subjected to. Please be aware we are not responsible for this loss
    • Flocked velvet may change in nature and become hardened
    • Watermarks contained within the fabric – May not be possible to be removed during cleaning
    • Old or Poor Stitching – May loosen during cleaning
    • Weakened Fabric as a result of ultra violet light exposure – May only be noticeable after they are taken down. Weak fabric may be damaged during cleaning, especially curtain linings, and blackout linings
    • Shrinkage – In the cleaning process may be up to 10%. Stretching post-cleaning may restore some of this length, but they may relax over time. We are not responsible for curtain shrinkage
  11. Household items (duvets, bedspreads, upholstery covers, rugs, curtains), leather and suede items

    Please note that adhesives, defects and faults which were previously camouflaged in manufacture may become more apparent after the cleaning process, and although every care is taken, we cannot always disguise natural flaws or totally remove adhesives, or stretching techniques employed by the manufacturer. These items may “age” after cleaning. All items are therefore only accepted by us for cleaning at your own risk.

  12. Alterations & Repairs

    All alterations, repairs and reweaving must be prepaid. We will be not held liable for any pinning carried out by the customer prior to mending. We will not be liable for the finished repair results for All pinning carried out by our representatives such as shorting, lengthening, taking in or out, tapering, hemming and not limited to all alterations and repair instructions will be confirmed as full and final by the customer. All must be cleaned and paid for prior to repairs for Health, Hygiene and Safety purposes.


Liability for any reason (including, but not limited to, lost or damaged items) is limited to the purchase receipt of the item or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the Textile Service Association (TSA) fair compensation guidelines.

A submitted claim will be subject to the underwriting terms where the garment will be deemed to be written off by the insurance company who will determine the value of the claim calculated using the TSA fair compensation guidelines.

We will not be liable for any item(s) not collected more than 3 months after dropping-off such item(s) with us.

  • Any claim settled by us will be on condition that it is accepted by you as full and final settlement
  • We will not be liable for any damage which is not related to or caused by the cleaning process
  • We will not be liable for any claim which is excluded under the General Exclusions paragraph above [clause 2] – We follow the Textile Service Association (TSA) industry guidelines for fair compensation. From these guidelines we would potentially compensate you once liability is proven by the TSA, only once the age, original value and proof of purchase from you is clearly established. We do not replace old for new and therefore need to establish the age, state and condition of the item(s) prior to any compensation being paid out. We will apply a depreciated value to the item(s) as set out by the TSA guidelines. For avoidance of doubt our maximum liability is limited to the proof of purchase and the depreciated value of the item as determined by the Textile Service Association (TSA) fair compensation guidelines as our maximum liability for any claim
  • If there is doubt as to the cause of damage to any item, then an independent third party will be appointed jointly and paid by yourself initially. You will be provided up to a minimum of two independent fabric testing houses to choose from. The result of such analysis will be final and will form the basis for any compensation due or used by the parties in any escalated claims. The costs of any such analysis shall be paid for by the party which the testing house determines is liable.
  • For all alterations and repairs, we will be not held liable for pinning carried out by the customer. Any pinning carried out by our representatives such as shorting, tapering and alterations of repair instructions will be confirmed as full and final by the customer. All must be cleaned and paid for prior to repairs for Health, Hygiene and Safety purposes.


  • We endeavour to deliver your items when expected, however, due to London traffic, circumstances may arise which make it impossible to deliver at the time originally booked. In these rare instances we will endeavour to inform you of the delay ahead of time and reschedule the delivery at your convenience, subject to availability.
  • If you need to change your booking time for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible so we can rearrange your delivery.
  • If there is no response or we are unable to gain access to your property at the scheduled time, we will contact you to rearrange your delivery; however we reserve the right not to accept an order, to cancel an order or terminate your account if this occurs repeatedly.
  • We reserve the right not to accept an order or cancel and order if there is reason to suspect our staff may be at risk of physical or verbal abuse upon collection or delivery of your items.
  • If we have attempted to collect or deliver and failed due to the customer not being present, there may be an additional surcharge for a further collection or delivery attempt. Any stains or damage on your garments, together with price changes you will be informed via email or text prior to processing. All payments for your orders must be made prior to the deliver
  • Please make us aware of any issues that may arise when attempting to access your property. We reserve the right to decline any order that requires collection or delivery should there be no access by lift, either permanently or temporarily. Where possible, practical and not a health and safety issue, we will endeavour to explore ways of completing your collection or delivery, but cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.


Refunds on retail items will require a proof of purchase and must be returned in a saleable condition within 72 hours.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without notice. New Terms & Conditions will be made available on our website.


The Customer agrees to accept service of notices and communication from the Company, to include, without limitation, product and offer notifications, accounts and payment notifications and reminders.

These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.